SoftTack are a collaborative. Sarah Jayne Booth, Jennifer Redmond and Mieke Vanmechelen come together to work through the medium of sound film and voice to explore the possibilities of language image and sound in the act of self-making. Their work intersects at the point where women struggle to articulate, and to recognise the definition of ‘human’.

Using sculptural installations sound and found objects, Sarah Jayne Booth explores the historic voice, the voice that inhabits the home, the first quiet utterances of women beginning to emerge from that space and shake loose from the shackels of an Oedipal framework.

Mieke Vanmecehelen uses film and imagery to articulate emergent becoming, and matrixial encounters that enable interconnectivity with questions of femininity and creation. These are intra–subjective dreamlike encounters, where the perceiving body is carried away by the elements of nature.

Jennifer Redmond is interested in emergent forms of intelligence and uses technology, performance and experimental writing and drawing to question linguistic conventions, and to articulate that which may not be understood by speech and word. She imagines a future where the category of ‘human’ is not a privileged species or described as white, and male, and where’ humanity’ is a more vital and fluid entity.

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