SoftTack at FiLiA 2017

SoftTack as part of ‘Lass Struggle’ at FiLiArt, October 14-15th 2017

Breaking down the hegemony of class and privilege in artwork about women’s experiences, the exhibition will explore how “Class becomes internalised as an intimate form of subjectivity, experienced as knowledge of always not being ‘right’.” (Skeggs, 1997) and how “Legitimate (middle class) selves and lives are still constructed from privilege and validated at the expense of others” (Gilles, 2007: 23).

The exhibition is curated by Alison O’Neill and Jane Hellings, at FiLiA 2017, Institute of Education, University College London.


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The Empty Vessel_SofTack2017

Detail of a work conceived by SoftTack during Jennifer Redmond’s residency at Uillinn WCAC in August 2017. The piece combines the elements of live performance sound and image as the artists examine the origins of the modern concept of womanhood.

Diving the Wreck

Diving the Wreck is a combined sound, film and live performance piece shown at
Women’s Voices in Ireland: from the decade of revolution to the decade of centenaries, 9-10 June 2017.

Sarah Jayne Booth, Jennifer Redmond and Mieke Vanmechelen work collaboratively, as Soft Tack they produced ‘Diving the Wreck’. The work embodies the historic, collective and emergent feminine voice in image, sound, and speech.

Women’s Voices in Ireland was an interdisciplinary conference which offered an opportunity to listen to voices of the past and learn to express, and listen to the voices of women today. The event was directed by Dr Maeve O’Riordan, coordinator of the MA in Women’s Studies at UCC. The conference involved a combination of parallel sessions, film screenings, performance, plenaries and workshops and was kindly facilitated by Irish Research Council New Foundations funding.

Women’s Voices in Ireland Programme

Diving the Wreck | Excerpt from Mieke Vanmechelen on Vimeo.

Jennifer Redmond, Artist in Residence at Uillinn WCAC

Residency at Uillin WCAC, 27 July to 5 August 2017

Jennifer Redmond works with technology, processes & systems and investigate the changing relationship between humanity and technology. She examines language, algorithmic creation, bots and the impact of data manipulation in relation to economies and political power mechanics.

Artificial Stupidity 
Free Treasure Project